Heart of a Champion: A Christian Romance Novel - Kelsey MacBride

Heart of a Champion: A Christian Romance Novel

By Kelsey MacBride

  • Release Date: 2015-12-03
  • Genre: Religious
Score: 4.5
From 63 Ratings


Heart of a Champion is the second and final Christian Romance book in The Colorado Springs Series and continues with the story of Brenda Wagner’s recovery from a tragic accident at a skating competition that nearly destroys her lifelong love of skating. Left with crushed hopes and a permanent disability, this story highlights Brenda’s journey of courage to find a new purpose in life, her hopes of returning to the ice, her struggles, and her achievements as she trusts God to help her grow.

In this second book, Brenda Wagner struggles to cope with the realities of her new life. Even though God has blessed her with the miraculous ability to walk again, Brenda must adapt to permanent vision changes. When she thinks her world can’t get any worse, Brenda’s skating coach drops the earth shattering news that she can never skate competitively again. At first Brenda is angry with her coach and God, but soon she resigns herself to the fact that her childhood fantasy of being a professional skater will remain nothing but a dream. But one day, her coach surprises her with a unique opportunity to return to the ice, on the condition she skate with a partner. Knowing she has no other choice, Brenda reluctantly accepts her coach’s offer. But sparks begin to fly when she discovers her new skating partner is Scott Nichols, her ex-fiancé.

Scott Nichols remains hopeful that Brenda will reopen her heart to him someday. He tries to be supportive during Brenda’s recovery, but she does little to acknowledge his efforts. When Brenda’s skating coach approaches him about being Brenda’s new skating partner, he gladly accepts the offer, hoping the opportunity will give him a chance to show Brenda how much he loves her. Scott knows reconciliation won’t be easy, but he leaves everything in God’s hands. Will Brenda soften her heart and forgive the only man she ever loved? Or will she forever scorn him? Find out by downloading Heart of a Champion.

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