Dress Making 101: Beginner's Guide to Making Your Own Dress - Suzy Stewart

Dress Making 101: Beginner's Guide to Making Your Own Dress

By Suzy Stewart

  • Release Date: 2011-07-01
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies


How tired are you of going to department and/or clothing stores only to see the same styles worn by everyone else out on the streets? ...How about the last party you went to and there were two other people sporting your evening dress, only in different colors? Are you tired of hunting from store to store to find that perfect dress to wear on a special occasion, or that summer dress to sport with your flip-flops? ...Tell you what; if you can thread a needle, you have what it takes to dictated what you want to wear. You can create your image the way you see yourself...What better way is there to show the world who you are as a person, then by sporting a dress you created yourself? There is a world of fabrics out there waiting for you to let lose your creativity on it. No two figures are exactly alike, yet clothing industries would love it if we just pretended as if they were; kind of like the one glove fits all mentality. That way they can keep stamping out more of the same and everyone can just go around looking like little clones of each other. You do not need to be the fashion industry and clothing manufactures clones. Some would like people to believe that designing and sewing your own dress is something only expert seamstress can do. That could not be further from the truth. There is no secret seamstress club that only one certain type of person can join; if you can thread a needle and cut with scissors you can sew a dress. Inside this book you will find all the things that hot dress designers do not want you to know. All the secrets to designing the perfect dress for you is inside this book in an easy to read format. You will learn which fabrics are more forgiving and how to make your fabrics work for you and your body figure. With this book you will never need to buy a dress off the rack again! You will also find solutions to hide a short neck, or a plumper figure. You will learn which fabrics work best for which figures. You will also learn how to accent the positive and down play the negatives of your particular figure. And there is way more yet... Did you know that certain colors make you appear larger than life, while others will make you appear just plain large? Did you know not everyone with red hair could pull off a red dress, however depending on the shade of red hair you have there are ways you can get around the fashion police. You CAN finally: 1) Allow Your Dress to Reflect Your Personality You will no longer have to wear what clothing manufactures think is stylish. You can create your own dresses according to your style and personality. You're not stuck wearing a dress that fits you well, however the colors, design or pattern is doing nothing for you. You choose the style, design, color and fabric used to create a dress made just for you. 2) The Possibilities are ENDLESS Guess what? You do not need to use a manufactures made dress pattern to create a dress. You can create your own dress patterns, OR, you can mix or match patterns, copy dress styles and so much more to create your unique dress. Don't waste another minute with having to get alterations. Be your own person and design and create your own dresses today!